We offer you

micro and macro

batches of green and roasted coffee.

We offer you

micro and macro

batches of green and roasted coffee.



Made its world debut in 2004, when it won top variety in The Best Of Panama competition. In your cup you can appreciate a pleasant sweetness, clarity and notes that can vary from citrus, fruit to tea.


Born as a hybrid that was formed from the Bourbon varietal. Medium-sized fruit but with a predominant red color. Its notes are intense, complex and with a creamy texture.


Made from mother plants in laboratories, their plants are characterized by their vigor and adaptation to different climatic conditions. Known for their excellent cups.


Variety of Salvadoran pride, known worldwide for its excellent quality. It resulted from the cross between the Pacas and the Red Maragogipe. Contains intense and complex flavors and aromas. Pleasant acidity with moderate sweet notes as well as fruit and citric notes.


A standard quality, common fruit in our Central American lands. Floral and fruity fragrance with a sweet creamy body.


Standard quality and very typical of Central American soils. Its flavors range from a sweet and fruity aroma to certain shades of dark chocolate.


It is a high quality coffee, world renowned, for its sweet notes, balanced cup and perfect acidity.


It is a hybrid variety with good natural genetic resistance genes, which makes it resistant to rust and positions it as an excellent drink.


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